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internet telephony


ZyXEL Intros VoIP Station Gateway

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ZyXEL Communications Corporation has introduced it's P-2302R VoIP station gateway targeted at home and SOHO office users.

The P-2302R is a broadband sharing gateway that allows PCs on the home LAN share resources and files with online peers, as also access the Internet through the existing DSL/Cable Router.

The auto-provisioning mechanism allows service providers manage and configure the unit remotely, helping users better manage bandwidth.

And, the Network Bandwidth Management feature increases the productivity and efficiency of the network, enabling it meet specific demands like time-sensitive VoIP and multimedia applications.

The P-2302R's ZyNOS OS, according to ZyXEL, ensures state-of-the-art Firewall performance and robust security. ZyNOS is based on Stateful Packet Inspection and Denial of Service (DoS) and provides the first line of defense against hackers, network intruders, and other hazards.

Mahendra Lalwani, managing director of ZyXEL Technology India, said, "The two built-in standard phone jacks allow enjoying VoIP conversations while surfing the Internet. Since phone numbers given by service providers can be assigned to either each phone port individually or to two phone ports at the same time, the P-2302R series is equivalent to two phone lines, free of extra charge."

The P-2302R is available through ZyXEL Technology India and it's authorized channel partners for Rs 5,990.


CommScope and IPcelerate Join to Make VoIP Safer

RICHARDSON, Texas, July 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CommScope, Inc. a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, today announced the results of a collaborative venture with IPcelerate, a provider of advanced VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) products and technologies. The two companies have developed a new security/public safety application for the SYSTIMAX(R) iPatch(R) Real-Time Infrastructure Management System. Joining efforts as Cisco technology partners, the two companies integrated their systems to create an emergency notification system for a large Dallas-based corporation.

To comply with federal guidelines, the new design must provide the exact physical location of any emergency phone call from within its network - not a simple task when working with VoIP phones that can be easily transferred from office to office. Traditionally, locating a call from a VoIP phone meant relying on a database that was perhaps out of date or incorrect due to manual updates. The new solution, provided through the collaborative partnership, provides the physical location of the phone call as displayed on the telephone set used by a company's security personnel.

"Working with our technology partners is always an exciting experience, and often our partnerships lead to the development of great solutions," said Mark Peterson, senior vice president, global marketing, of CommScope Enterprise Division. "In this case, we implemented qualities from both systems to create a new feature for the client that integrates seamlessly with Cisco's software and telephone sets. We look forward to demonstrating the results of our collaboration for other Cisco technology partners and customers," said Peterson.

The new system utilizes IPcelerate's software, IPsession, which complements Cisco Call Manager and uses MAC addresses along with other identifiers to recognize the specific VoIP phones connected to the network. In addition, the system utilizes the SYSTIMAX iPatch Real-Time Infrastructure Management System, which is used to document and maintain, in real-time, all physical layer connectivity information, including the physical location of networked devices within that network. This allows security personnel to determine which device is making the call and exactly where in the building that device is connected, enabling security officers to respond more quickly in an emergency situation.

The integrated solution has been successfully implemented and tested. According to Peterson, security personnel were impressed during the testing phases when an employee inadvertently dialed 911 and the phone promptly displayed the physical location of the call.

"We're very pleased that the new system works so well for the client," said Valerie Corniello, vice president of sales for IPcelerate. "Working with another technology partner to raise the safety level for our customers is a truly rewarding experience. We're excited to demonstrate these capabilities at Cisco Networkers."

Networkers at Cisco Live! will be held July 22-26 in Anaheim, Calif. The conference is the premier event in the industry and brings together Cisco customers from across all business segments and industries as they present visionary technology directions, new products and best practices.

About CommScope

CommScope is a world leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks. Through its SYSTIMAX(R) Solutions and Uniprise(TM) brands, CommScope is the global leader in structured cabling systems for business enterprise applications. It is also the world's largest manufacturer of coaxial cable for Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) applications. Backed by strong research and development, CommScope combines technical expertise and proprietary technology with global manufacturing capability to provide customers with high-performance wired or wireless cabling solutions.

This press release includes forward-looking statements that are based on information currently available to management, management's beliefs, as well as on a number of assumptions concerning future events. Forward-looking statements are not a guarantee of performance and are subject to a number of uncertainties and other factors, which could cause the actual results to differ materially from those currently expected. For a more detailed description of the factors that could cause such a difference, please see CommScope's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In providing forward-looking statements, the company does not intend, and is not undertaking any obligation or duty, to update these statements as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Visit CommScope at http://www.commscope.com

About IPcelerate

IPcelerate, Inc. is a Dallas-based VoIP technology company that provides an applications framework and products for companies adopting Voice-over-IP. IPcelerate's Network IP Applications (NIPA(TM)) Framework has become the foundation for embedded VoIP products and solutions found in the smallest emerging businesses to the largest enterprise organizations. IPcelerate technologies include situational awareness applications with embedded alerting, interactive broadcast applications, recording/archival/sharing solutions for voice and video sessions, and video surveillance for emergency response. IPcelerate's products and solutions are designed to accelerate the Return-on-Investment (ROI) from a VOIP installation. Companies across all market segments use IPcelerate technologies to enhance personnel safety, improve employee productivity, increase asset protection, improve supply chain management and increase situational awareness. For more information, please visit our website at www.ipcelerate.com.

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deltathree Launches Enhanced VoIP Open Network Platform

NEW YORK, July 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- deltathree, Inc. , a leading provider of SIP-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions for service providers and consumers worldwide, today announced that it has launched an upgraded network telephony backend infrastructure to its Open Network Platform offering customers greater flexibility and more innovative features. Developed in-house by deltathree in the span of over two years, the Open Network Platform allows customers of deltathree's newly formed consumer brand joip, as wells as deltathree's Reseller and Hosted Consumer VoIP Solution channels, to experience a broader range of benefits while enhancing customer convenience and growth potential.

"With this recent network advancement, deltathree reaffirms its commitment to continually enhancing its products and services to offer its customers the maximum advantages that VoIP technology holds," stated Effi Baruch, deltathree's Senior Vice President of Operations and Technology. "While originally developed to support joip's initiative to build a global community based on advanced VoIP communications and features, the Open Network Platform also positively moves forward the objectives of our Reseller and Hosted Consumer VoIP Solution customers. With greater billing options and control, deltathree's service provider customers are able to strategize the most effective route that conforms to and builds upon their business models. Through new network and telephony features, a heightened level of flexibility emerges for these customers as well as for consumers, giving them further ease in using VoIP and expanding relationships."

The Open Network Platform was primarily developed to support the launch of joip, deltathree's newly formed consumer group that powers the VoIP service of Panasonic's new GLOBARANGE hybrid landline/VoIP phones. GLOBARANGE phone owners automatically become part of the global joip community, where members can call each other around the world for free, and enjoy a wide variety of advanced features and services. The Open Network Platform allows for those in the joip community to experience the latest advantages VoIP has to offer as they continue their traditional methods of telecommunications with Panasonic's new phone. joip enabled GLOBARANGE phones will be available this summer in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Austria and Russia.

deltathree's Hosted Consumer VoIP Solution and Reseller customers benefit from the Open Network Solution. The Hosted Consumer VoIP Solution is a comprehensive, customizable turnkey solution for service providers looking to launch their own VoIP offering with minimal investment and rapid deployment. Through the enhanced Open Network Platform, service providers will experience higher load capacity and greater flexibility to work with third party components during call flows. Service providers also gain a simpler VoIP integration into their facilities including managing localized emergency, directory assistance and other local dialing services through an easy-to-use interface, thus lowering the integration costs involved in penetrating new markets. New network features allow deltathree's customers to determine "*" codes, customize network error messages to any language, format phone numbers per country regulations and route them accordingly with fewer prefixes. The Simultaneous Ring and Follow Me service can now accommodate an infinite amount of phone numbers.

The Open Network Platform enhances the real-time call rating engine to present service providers with a higher level of cost control. Service providers can now specifically disable/enable outbound/inbound calls, apply fees and rates on service levels, and add/deduct features to customer offerings through a user-friendly management interface. New rating features allow service providers to determine rounding, grace periods, connection fees, minimum call charges and different rates during a call.

For over a decade deltathree has been recognized as a global innovator of VoIP products, applications and infrastructure. deltathree's customized solutions enable companies to provide premier VoIP products to their consumers worldwide.

About joip

joip, the newly formed consumer brand of deltathree, Inc. , powers the Voice over IP (VoIP) service of Panasonic's GLOBARANGE hybrid phone. With joip, GLOBARANGE users get the best of VoIP technology, with access to the world's premier network for free peer-to-peer calling and premium services. Bridging the divide between conventional methods and innovative inroads, joip is committed to giving customers an optimal quality phone experience with the advanced features of VoIP technology. For more information on joip, please visit www.joip.com.

About deltathree

Founded in 1996, deltathree, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony services, products, hosted solutions and infrastructure. deltathree offers high quality Internet telephony solutions that are viable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional telephone services. Supporting hundreds of thousands of active users around the world, deltathree serves customers through its two primary distribution channels: the Service Provider / Reseller channel and the direct- to-consumer channel. deltathree's advanced solutions offer service providers and resellers a full spectrum of private label VoIP products and services, as well as a back-office suite of services. Utilizing advanced Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology, deltathree provides all the components to support a complete VoIP service deployment. deltathree's Consumer Group consists of the award-winning iConnectHere direct-to-consumer offering and joip, the newly formed consumer brand that powers the VoIP service of Panasonic's GLOBARANGE hybrid phone.



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